Friday, April 18, 2008

Who the f%*# is Sarah Marshall?

When these billboards were first put up a month or two ago, many people across the U.S. asked themselves, "Who is Sarah Marshall and what is this all about?"

Sarah Marshall of Glendora, CA said her parents began getting calls wondering if their daughter was the target of a hate campaign. Sarah Marshall of Fort Worth, Texas told the Los Angeles Times that she got a lot of e-mails and phone calls asking her if she and her boyfriend were OK.

These billboards serve as advertisements for the comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which comes out today. The outdoor campaign includes New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

The film, produced, written and directed by comedic genius Judd Apatow (of "40 Year-Old Virgin," Knocked Up") is about a guy trying to get over his ex-girlfriend.

Apatow, as with most of his films, has generated a unique buzz for his upcoming movie and, overall, created a new genre of comedy. Check out the official website for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," it's pretty cool and interactive.

Adam Fogelson, president of marketing and distribution for Universal Pictures, told the Los Angeles Times, "We wanted to people to ask the question 'Who is Sarah Marshall?'....And everything we hoped would happen has come to pass."

Here is the official trailer:


Rex345 said...

I was totally one of the millions wondering "who the f$%# is Sarah Marshall". It was funny because my roomate and I asked everyone we knew until someone who was familiar with the film told us about the character Sarah Marshall. And I actually just saw the movie last Friday night with my boyfriend and it was really good! The unique advertising lived up to the expectations and Judd Apatow actually came into the theater at The Grove for opening night, drunk and wanting to take a picture of the packed theater. It was quite a night to say the least. All of that being said, I give complete credit to those genius billboards for making want to brave opening night to see it.

The Brand said...

I definitely was one of those people too! I couldn't wait to figure out who the hell Sarah Marshall was and once I did it was one of those oooohhhhhhhhhh lightbulb moments. You know my site has a lot to do with PR and marketing so I really liked reading this post!