Friday, April 25, 2008

I know San Diego is not LA, but this is somewhat newsworthy...

A shark attacked and killed a 66-year-old triathlete this morning 20 miles north of San Diego in Solana Beach.

Authorities believe it was a great white. Witnesses, his group members from the Triathlon Club of San Diego, said they actually saw Dave Martin being lifted out of the water and drug under. Four of his group members brought him on the beach where he succumbed to his injuries.

Beaches near Solana were closed indefinitely this morning. No other shark sightings were reported.

Some people blame the shark attack to the rising seal population in the San Diego beach area.

"I love the seals, but it was clearly a mistake to open a McShark in the center of the open-water swimming community of San Diego," Mitch Thrower, another triathlete, told the Los Angeles Times.

A sheriff said he couldn't recall there ever being a shark attack in the area as far as he can remember.

Now, please watch this AP VIDEO. The guy on the right, I think he's a firefighter or something, says that they're "still trying to locate the shark." funny shit. really? You guys are going to waste tax dollars and your time to try and find a great white in the big blue ocean? What are you going to do, throw the shark in jail?

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Major Minor said...

Everyone wants retribution and I guess that by finding the shark some form of "justice" is paid. But yes, you did make a valid point, we cannot throw the shark in jail and it is not really worth tax payers money.