Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now, get your pot like you get your soda

Marijuana vending machines! They're new! They're convenient! They make the process anonymous!

Two out of these three machines in Los Angeles belong to inventor and owner Vincent Mehdizadeh. These machines distribute marijuana to people who are authorized to use marijuana for "medicinal purposes."

The computerized prescription vending machine requires fingerprint identification and a prepaid card. Once everything goes through, a green envelope full of the green stuff drops down the slot.

Mehdizadeh says the process in convenient and private for people who would feel uncomfortable about buying marijuana.

Each user is allowed one ounce per week maximum, which supposedly keeps down prices.

Don't worry, there are six different types of pot to choose from.

Over the last two years the DEA has started to bust more medical marijuana stores and charging operators with felonies. So, we'll see how long these candy machines stick around.

I think these vending machines may in a way reduce some of the illegal dealings that go on with marijuana club stores that dole out pot for people that require it for "medicinal use." If you are going through a machine to get your prescription, there's no human interaction, which means you can't really coax the vending machine into thinking that you need the weed. If you don't have a card, then you won't be getting any.

*Watch Reuters video*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

USC riots

Drunk kids against LAPD--probably not going to work out so well.

What was supposed to be another Friday night at USC turned into a bit more of a spectacle than expected. The 30th Street Court, a gated complex of multiple two-story apartments, was hosting a usual party in their courtyard. After the standard proliferation of mass texts, a substantial amount of people were hanging around the area for the party.

Usually, LAPD tends to keep their nose out of USC nightlife. It's USC's Department of Public Safety that makes sure to limit the number of keg-stands and beer-bongs that frat boys are doing. But maybe last night LAPD had had enough and decided to step in and show some drunk kids who's boss.

Notice the massive influx of cops. They're everywhere in the middle of the street donning some pretty hefty helmets.

The kids tried to rebel by sitting in the street. That didn't last too long. Judging by the video you'd think the cops were back in the early 90s getting ready for battle in the LA riots.

A few kids were arrested and others got beat up with batons--pretty violent.

From what I can see, the LA Times still hasn't picked up the story yet.

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