Monday, April 28, 2008

Who has time to worry about wildfires?

Wildfire threatens homes in residential community approximately 20 miles from Los Angeles

About 1,000 residents were evacuated from 200 homes in Sierra Madre this weekend. The city rests up against the base of Foothill Mountains. Today fire officials said the blaze is about 30 % contained.

This didn't stop a couple from getting married in the Angeles National Forrest on Saturday. The couple actually moved their wedding date up after they originally planned for a fall wedding in mountains (because it is high fire season then! ha) The couple and their guests were eventually airlifted out of there.

The couple actually hiked in the mountains along with a wedding party of about 50 people to camp and exchange vows for the weekend. It wasn't until Sunday morning that they were aware of how close the fire was.

This week is supposed to cool down, allowing firefighters to quell the blaze.


Michael Escoto said...

This is another reason I love America. Americans are not as hesterical as everyone thinks and I guess this is esspecially true for Southern Californians.

Major Minor said...

I guess those two really wanted to get married and weren't about to let a little fire compromise their plans.